A-DOG’s Team to Walk in the MSPCA Walk for Animals on Sept 13 — Join or Sponsor Us!

A-DOG is sponsoring a team to walk with our dogs at the MSPCA Walk for Animals on Sunday, September 13. We will be walking with teams from other community dog owners groups, including from Somerville, Dorchester, and Newton. We are all part of the new Coalition for Massachusetts Dog Owner Groups or MassDOG.

We all know that the MSPCA does wonderful work to protect animals.  Michele Biscoe, captain of the SomDOG team asked Brian Adams, the MSPCA Senior Manager, Media and Community Relations, to describe for us just how our donations will benefit animals, and he replied: “The donations raised will go towards the MSPCA-Angell’s General Fund to help where the money is needed most. Some programs include helping care for homeless animals in our adoption centers, providing financial assistance to pet owners facing certain financial struggles and caring for animals surrendered or seized through our Law Enforcement department. These are just three examples and there are many more….”

As part of MassDOG, we are participating in a friendly challenge issued by our friends at SomDOG. The team that brings the most members to the Walk will win prizes donated by Michele Biscoe (Taza chocolate, made in Somerville) and Sue Doctrow (Lakota Bakery cookies, made in Arlington). Our A-DOG team, with 7 members as of this writing, was in the lead for quite awhile. But suddenly, SomDOG has surged ahead, with 11 members! And, they’ve raised $1180, to our $1190.  Competition is certainly heating up!  So, if you can, please join our team and walk with us on Sunday! If you can’t join us, then please sponsor our team, or an individual team member of your choice, with a donation to the MSPCA.

Click here to join our team or sponsor us!

4 thoughts on “A-DOG’s Team to Walk in the MSPCA Walk for Animals on Sept 13 — Join or Sponsor Us!

  1. Hi, Judy,
    I believe the walk is 1.5 miles and the donation to register is $25. Thanks for asking!

  2. Are we going to do another team this year? I just got a notice that registration is open. We should get started if we want to get a large group together and raise some money for MSPCA. Who else is interested?

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