Green Dog pilot off-leash plan narrowly defeated at Town Meeting

The Board of Selectmen recommended that town meeting vote in favor of the Green Dog plan this year. This represented a tremendous show of support by two Selectmen (Ms. Annie LaCourt and Mr. Kevin Greeley), who added their votes to the positive vote of Green Dog plan co-creator Selectman Clarissa Rowe. However, when the Article was debated at Town Meeting (May 13), it was defeated by 5 votes. See a video on the TM session, including TMMs speaking for and against at the break here. While incredibly close, it still did not pass, which means that there are still no legal off leash exercise options in Arlington. As many of you know, there were quite a few Selectmen’s meetings on the Green Dog Plan and other dog-related warrant articles. Many of our members, as well as other proponents, have attended and spoken, along with opponents, in these meetings. Insightful comments by member Everett Shorey are published below. Several letters to the editor and letters sent to the Selectmen are reprinted here. Our Petition, with over 600 signatures, was presented to TM members and the Selectmen. If you haven’t already signed it, please sign it and ask other Arlington residents to sign it as well. We will continue to update the signature list, and will use it as we continue the drive for legal off leash opportunities for responsible dog owners in Arlington. (More history of the Green Dog plan is given in the article below . Contact us ( with any questions about the process, including those about Town Meeting.)

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