In Memory of Genie (2004 – 2009)


Our beautiful friend Genie passed away on June 2. She was much too young, and far too strong and healthy, until her recent tragic illness, to leave us this way. Those of us who loved her, including our own two labs who played with her almost every morning, are heartbroken. Our deepest sympathies go out to our dear friends, and fellow A-DOG members, Audrey and Pat, for their terrible loss. Genie had the sweetest, most fun-loving temperament. She loved hiking in the mountains or at the Fells, skiing, splashing around in any pond or mud puddle she could find, having “sleepovers” when Pat and Audrey cared for Miles or Maddie, and chasing tennis balls endlessly with her buddy Becker. She also loved her “Frosty Paws” or her “doggy lattes” at Starbucks and was always so very gentle with her toys (her “babies”). Above all she adored Audrey and Pat, and the exciting, outdoorsy labbie’s dream life that they gave her. Genie, we really miss you, but will think of you every day, especially on hikes, where we will imagine that, somehow, you’re up ahead breaking trail for us. (Read more messages of love and condolences from Pat, Audrey, and Genie’s hiking friends here.). Love, Sue and John
(Portrait by Justin Ide and “Genie and Junior” by Audrey).

3 thoughts on “In Memory of Genie (2004 – 2009)

  1. We’re so sorry for your loss. Genie was a sweet dog, and lucky to have you for her all-too-short five years.

  2. Thanks, everyone. Your messages, e-mails, and your company were so comforting. We knew that you knew exactly what we were going through.

    –Pat and Audrey

  3. We miss her more every day, Pat and Audrey. As for knowing what you were going through, yes and no. It was too early..she was way too young.
    Our poor little girl..I hope she’s just happy and playing with Sara and Kate, Rachel, and Clio right now! (Talking about us ;-)

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