Dog Behavior Workshop

Sponsored by MayDOG, the Maynard Dog Owners Group

Have you ever wondered…

* How can I keep my dog safe when he/she plays with other dogs?
* What does normal dog play behavior look and sound like?
* What are the warning signs that two dogs might be about to fight?
* How do I deal with bullying behavior?
* How do I deal with resource guarding?
* How long should I stay at an off-leash area?
* What can I do BEFORE we meet other dogs to prepare my dog for a fun, safe play session?
* How can I teach my dog to be polite when greeting other dogs and people on-leash?
* What are ways we can build our training relationship?

Come learn the answers to these and many other questions at a dog behavior workshop sponsored by the Maynard Dog Owners Group (MayDOG) on Sunday, May 3, 1:30-3pm. The workshop will be facilitated by Gerilyn Bielakiewicz, CPDT, of Canine University. It will be held at the DOGS! Learning Center, Hudson, MA. The $60 workshop fee admits up to 2 people. A $10 discount is available if you sign up for our mailing list, and if you join MayDOG, the workshop is just $35. Pre-registration is required; register at our website or by calling 978-293-3371.

This workshop is a fundraiser for the Maynard Dog Owners Group (MayDOG), a 501c3 nonprofit community group in Maynard, MA. All proceeds will go toward our mission of promoting responsible dog ownership and building community through safe, legal off-leash recreation in the Maynard area.

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