A Letter to the Editor by an A-DOG Member

by Iain Miller
Arlington resident and A-DOG member

Recently Published in the Arlington Advocate (Week of November 6, 2008):

“The Editor,
I applaud Leslie Mayer and her town committee for their continued efforts to advance the Green Dog program, with town meetings on this topic scheduled to begin again from November 6. The Green Dog proposals address the reasonable demands of concerned dog-owners for a more progressive policy than currently found in the archaic town bylaws. Specifically, enactment of limited off-leash provisions and/or establishment of dog parks will address the needs of all constituencies, including the basic exercise and socialization needs of the several thousand dogs in Arlington. As a progressive town, we must move beyond the current harassment of responsible dog owners by over-zealous enforcers, and adopt policies in line with some of our more enlightened neighboring towns. I’d like to draw readers’ attention to A-Dog, an organization which represents Arlington dog owners and friends (www.arlingtondogowners.org). This organization, of which I am a member, is committed to working with Green Dog program organizers in their efforts to advance responsible dog ownership and rights within our town parks and open spaces.
Iain Miller, Arlington, MA”

1 thought on “A Letter to the Editor by an A-DOG Member

  1. Thanks to A-DOG member Iain Miller for writing to the local paper and speaking up so eloquently on behalf of responsible dog owners. All of us should continue to voice our concerns on this issue to town officials, town employees, and the public.

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